How to get a swift sale

How to get a swift sale

Wednesday 8th February 2023

Just like having the right race team in place when it comes to Formula 1, the same can be said for selling your home. No matter how desirable, without executing the right marketing strategy, employing the right estate agent and solicitor, you will fail in your pursuit of a swift sale.

The first thing is fine-tuning the property for sale. Remove clutter, ensure it is furnished and decorate in neutral colours if required. You need to present a property in which people can visualise themselves living in.
Next up, you should research and employ trusted experts who will guide you through a process that can sometimes feel similar to the G-force experienced when going around Copse Corner in an F1 car.
Preparation will pay dividends on race day, so get your legal paperwork in order before you place your property on to the market. When agreeing on the marketing strategy, ask for comparable evidence of similar properties which achieved a swift sale using the same approach.

Race day has arrived, and investing in the right team will make all the difference.

When you agree your sale, the hard work begins, as it is predicted that 40% of agreed transactions fail to complete nationally.

Important timescales should be laid out as a condition of any offer and agreed with all solicitors and estate agents within the chain. Having every party within the transaction work towards the same timescale from the outset will increase the speed at which you’ll be able to complete. The conveyancing process is littered with obstacles, however, by preparing your legal documentation early you can prevent many of the common delays. These can include, but are not limited to, your management pack (if leasehold), completing all your solicitor instruction forms, ensuring you have the appropriate building regulation and planning permission sign off for works carried out to your property.

There is rarely an issue that can’t be resolved, although, you are far more likely to achieve a speedier sale if you have identified and resolved the issues prior to the conveyancing process. The majority of transactions collapse because of a breakdown in communication, so if you have the right advisors around you, they will ensure this never happens and you’ll reach that chequered flag.
At John D Wood & Co. we have perfected our race strategy over the last 150 years. We have learned how to move a transaction along swiftly no matter what the weather conditions.